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Socalrandal 4 days ago

Kalua Pig Quesadillas

This QUISADILLER is "OFF THE 'FLIPPIN' HOOK!!! Been back for Taco Tuesdays twice now - never disappointed! I drive UBER full time and have had great grub ALL OVER O.C. and this place is in the top tier go to fresh food! TY Happa J's!!!

Trvcbk 29 days ago

Hapa Nachos

Nachos with pulled pork. OMG it was insane and filled me up 2 times!

Jonathan.A.Katz about 1 month ago

Hapa Nachos

The nachos were awesome! I ordered them with chicken, and it hit the spot. You get a HUGE portion (I could barely eat half) and it's slathered with all sorts of toppings. While there is actual melted cheese, there is also a cheese sauce which is the only knock I have against these nachosβ€”if I were to order them again I'd probably ask to leave the cheese sauce off. Overall, excellent nachos though.

Carolyn.Russom about 2 months ago

Hapa Nachos

We absolutely love the Hapa Nachos and even better topped with Kalua pig! Pair it with one of their amazing Mai Tai's and your set for a great dinner!!

Debbiorr27 about 2 months ago

Chicken Katsu

Always a fav! Also got the Pele wings...get sauce on the side since the heat level varies a lot!

Oceana9 2 months ago

Makaha Street Tacos

Come for the street tacos, stay for the man fries and pineapple wine!!

Joeguntheranderson 2 months ago

Rossy Boy Mai Tai

Hapa J's is our familie's go-to restaurant. The food is killer, great prices and most meals are big enough to share. I recommend Hapas to everyone!

Freedom 3 months ago

Hapa J's Country Salad

This is a nice little secret salad thats more than enough for two to share. Add the pulled pork on top and you are in heaven!

Valarie 3 months ago

Luau Plate

Being a former resident of Hawaii, the Luau Plate called my name and I was not disappointed. Whenever i'm homesick for "local food" I head to San Clemente. Ono!!!!

Tuitasiasia 3 months ago

Hapa Nachos

So much to say so little to write. The Hapa J's nachos are one of a kind. The sauces are absolutely divine! The perfect touch of Hawaiian fusion. I've been getting these for years and continue to come back for more.

Felinepub 4 months ago

Hapa Sliders

I knew about Hapa J's for years but never visited since I thought it was mostly Asian. But went a week ago to Taco Tuesdays and was totally blown away. After raving to my husband, we went back the next day and ate from the regular menu...again blown away. This will be one of favorites go to places now. Great food, casual and comfy.

Brewbetty 7 months ago

Shrimp Truck Special

In a word, YUM!!!! πŸ˜‹

Guest about 1 year ago

Asian Chicken Salad

Love this light and flavorful salad but love HAPA's Even more.

Laneewill 24 days ago

Hapa Nachos

The BEST Nachos we've ever had! We added chicken and it was so tender and flavorful. The combination of the aioli, avocado sour cream sauce and black bean salsa blew our minds and the chips are delicious all by themselves. We didn't think we could finish the whole plate, but we devoured it! I didn't think you could reinvent the nacho, but Hapa J's did and they are amazing!!!

James67 about 1 month ago

Coconut Shrimp Po Boy

The best thing I had the whole week. Besides the Hapa Nachos and the Tempura Spam Masubi. It's a regular stop for us. The toughest things is deciding what to order because everything on the menu sounded delicious!

Jedtheresabutler about 1 month ago

Hapa Nachos

We schedule appointments in the area just so we have an excuse to stop at Hapa Js. The nachos with Kahlua Pork is our go to, and it always delivers.

Nkaemerle about 2 months ago

Hapa Nachos

My favorite things at Hapas are the nachos and the poke plate. So good! Be sure to come hungry because both dishes are MASSIVE. They won't disappoint.

Claudius1224 about 2 months ago

Seared Ahi Poke Salad

Refreshing and filling! The blend of seaweed salad and citrus vinaigrette is a very nice mixture of sour and sesame nuttiness. The Ahi Poke salad is one of my favorite dishes on a warm, sunny day.

Ashleym917 2 months ago

Pineapple Portuguese Sausage Fried Rice

I love this fried rice so much! It is filling and all the ingredients compliment each other so well. I always want to get this dish when I come to Hapa J's. Whether it be the whole dish or a side I can't help myself. Keep up the awesome work and yummy food!

Kaseykmartin 3 months ago

Hapa Nachos

Seriously, it was hard to pick just one item! The food at Hapa Js is beyond yummy! I've tried the whole menu and have loved everything. Not only that, it's such a warm, fun, and loving place with a dynamic staff! Go to Hapa Js. You won't be disappointed!

Kdcorbin 3 months ago

Thor's Ahi Sandwich

Without a doubt, the best Hawaiian food this side of the islands. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Tuitasiasia 3 months ago

Classic Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger

One of my favorite burgers. The meat is cooked absolutely perfectly, not too dry. The pineapple is grilled to perfection and is an explosion of Hawaiian flavor. Highly recommend

Hopkinsjade0429 3 months ago

Hapa Nachos

The Hapa Nachos are like heaven on earth! I have had so many family members visit from different states and every time they come back they make me take them back here! They tell me that they crave them all the time, as do I of course! Such a cool atmosphere as well and super nice people overall!

Lindadonecker 5 months ago

Ahi Poke Trio

The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxed. The service was good. The luau plate was delicious with so many amazing flavors. I can't wait to try many other dishes.

Guest about 1 year ago

Deluxe Burger

My favorite burger in OC!!!! Highly reccomend!

Guest about 1 year ago

Hapa Nachos

THE BEST NACHOS AROUND! Just remember to bring 10 friends to eat them!


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