Hapa J's Pick Up Catering Trays All Trays Feed around 20 people Protein (All Trays of Meat Include Accompanying Sauces) Hawaiian Pulled Pork....market price Teriyaki Ginger Chicken $76 Teriyaki Beef (Sliced Thin) $82 Chopped Garlic Steak $78 Chicken Katsu $77 Vietnamese Style Shaken Beef w/ stir fry vegetables $77 Vietnamese Style Shaken Tofu w/ stir fry vegetables $62 Shoyu Chicken Thighs $72 Chicken Yakisoba Noodles $76 Spicy Asian Style Chicken Wings $77 Crispy Pot Stickers $76 Kalbi Short Ribs (Korean Style) $88 Specialty Items Macadamia Nut Mac n' Cheese $62 Man Fries $75 Hawaiian Style Bread Pudding $52 Pack of sliced Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (24) $19 Spicy Ahi Poke garnished with seaweed salad and pickled ginger…market price Shrimp Truck Special… market price Rice White $32 Brown $32 Portuguese Sausage Pineapple Fried $44 Salads Mac Salad $52 Country Salad w/ choice of dressing $46 Email Orders to: hapajs.sc@gmail.com 949-276-6657 **We also offer full service catering & customized banquets at Hapa J's** **Please email all inquires**